Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday Points to Ponder

So, since it's Mardi Gras, i thought i would share the wealth of my info on cajun slang:
"boude": to pout, or be mad.
"envie": a craving.
"possede": a bad, naughty kid, (it comes from the word for possessed).
"pass a slap"/"watch the slap": i'm going to slap you!
"The mouse": the cajun version of the tooth fairy is a mouse:)
check out more at: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/5949/Help/cajun1.html#A
Yes, we are still waiting! No, no word! And while jambalaya is on the menu for tonight, I'm actually trying to diet, since my boys started asking if the only baby coming was the one from Ethiopia:) Possedes!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pass the Fanta, Britney!

We are # 4 in the girl line!!!! I am thinking March will be our month.... so i celebrated by buying a crib skirt from Pottery Barn Kids (on clearance, of course). I thought i would never say these words...but i am worried that JG's room may have too much pink. Nah, momentary lapse of judgement!

Monday, February 9, 2009

9 Monthiversary of DTE and "You might be adopting if"...

Well, on our 9th Monthiversary of our DTE (we are now within our expected wait time of 9-11 months), I have decided to put my AWAA Yahoo group addiction to some good and do something fun!!!
You might be Adopting from Ethiopia if….
You have a blog.
Most people who read your blog are also adoptive parents.
Your family has been compared to Brad and Angelina’s by people you don’t really know.
You have considered getting an epidural for dossier preparation.
You have ever yelled at a USCIS worker.
You have ever asked your Senator to yell at a USCIS worker.
You spend more time on Yahoo Group than watching TV.
You think a NAG is a good thing.
You are starting to use acronymns for everything (ET, YG, NAG, DTE, TTD, DH, BTDT, RR).
You have Kari’s phone #, and you’re not afraid to use it!
You can tear up in church at the CCLI words at the bottom of the screen because they read “Billy/Cindy Foote”.
You email Pete when you have computer problems as if he is your personal Tech Support.
You consider Steven Curtis Chapman like a long lost member of your family.
You know your exact # in line (well, OF COURSE not counting mystery families).
You say the words “mystery families” with a growl as if they have personally done you some bodily harm.
You have ever called a forty-something woman a granny to her face and she considered it a complement.
You have a lot of Facebook friends that you have never met…but you have written encouragement on their pages, and cheered them on as they’ve brought their babies home.
You kind of enjoyed getting your shots, because it meant you were one step closer to Africa.
You, at all times, are able to calculate the time in Addis Ababa.
You enjoy telling people that you are “18 months pregnant” and complaining of back aches.
You have pregnancy cravings which your hubby indulges.
People are starting to insist you write a book about your adoption experience: possibly because you have learned so much, possibly because they want you to stop talking to THEM about it, and possibly so your book can fund your next adoption and you will stop sending out fundraising letters.
You would rather see the area code "703" show up on your caller ID than oil flowing out of your backyard. (HINT HINT Terra...please call me soon!)
You have more Adoption fundraiser T-shirts than you have underwear.

9 Months!!! We are #5ish in the girl line, and by this time next month we could have our referral!!!