Monday, June 23, 2008

A little sip of seattle in Baton Rouge

This week our good friend, Tarin, from Seattle, visited our flat blazing-hot sudsy city.... it was a breath of fresh air for us! We enjoyed showing her around our city: our house, the school, our church, the pool, our tiger...ok, LSU's tiger "Mike". Tarin experienced Baton Rouge: etoufee, beignets, and southern fried chicken, southern accents, and of course, the heat and humidity. We also went to Starbucks once to savor a sip of Seattle.
On June 9th we celebrated being 1 month DTE, and currently we are #45 for a referral (that we know of on our Agency's Yahoo Group). We are expecting a referral between mid-December and mid-April...we'll see as the time grows nearer. Enjoy the pictures....