Monday, June 23, 2008

A little sip of seattle in Baton Rouge

This week our good friend, Tarin, from Seattle, visited our flat blazing-hot sudsy city.... it was a breath of fresh air for us! We enjoyed showing her around our city: our house, the school, our church, the pool, our tiger...ok, LSU's tiger "Mike". Tarin experienced Baton Rouge: etoufee, beignets, and southern fried chicken, southern accents, and of course, the heat and humidity. We also went to Starbucks once to savor a sip of Seattle.
On June 9th we celebrated being 1 month DTE, and currently we are #45 for a referral (that we know of on our Agency's Yahoo Group). We are expecting a referral between mid-December and mid-April...we'll see as the time grows nearer. Enjoy the pictures....


  1. Your boys are so adorable. I can't wait to meet them and see them, whenever possible. How's the adoption coming along? Please keep me updated whenever you can.

    With all my love and prayers,

  2. Jamie,

    Hey its Julie Rogers (Bucky's wife...Josh's wife if you left Ninth and O before he got the nickname).

    We can't wait to see updates on your adoption progress.

    We were in Louisiana in October adopting an african american baby boy from Baton Rouge (he was 3 weeks old when we got him).

    I am curious to know what is the name of the church you attend. The reason I ask is because I and the my boys (Bucky had to return to S.Carolina for a youth trip) were staying with a lady named Frankie Howard in Denham Springs and we attended New Covenant Baptist Church where Frankie is a member. As I sat in my chair, across the room was a man that looked a lot like Dean, but I kept telling myself it couldn't be him.

    Sorry to leave such a long comment, but I didn't know your email address.

    God Bless,

  3. Thanks for the comment Jaime! It is so wild to look on an AWAA YG blog and see Tarin! I love that we have another connection :)