Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My little man...and Proverbs 31

Here's how a homework-time conversation played-out at our house last night...T was moaning about how being a little brother is hard. JP argues that being a big brother is much harder, because of its additional responsibilities. I think to myself, what terrible chores do these boys do? Are they fetching water from the well? Are they cleaning out piggy stalls? (No.) I remind JP that being a big brother has it's priviledges as well...first to drive a car, go to college, have a girlfriend... He replies, "MOM, God had already blessed me with that!" "Oh, yes, "L"! She is a blessing!", i say, trying not to laugh... then he says, "Yes! A woman who loves the Lord is HARD to find!" True, true...especially for a first-grader. And then i think...does this mean i should start losing weight to fit into my mother-of-the groom dress? UH-OH!


  1. Very funny, Jaime. Remember doing dishes at your house and throwing away a very nasty spoon? Hehe. Okay, was that supposed to be a secret?

    Your pictures are beautiful and I don't think you need to worry about losing any weight, you are gorgeous. I am shocked at how much you favor your mother. Your boys are darling. My husband let me gush about your pretty little family to him.

    I miss you and think fondly of you often.

  2. What a great story! And how exemplary of the way you and Dean are raising your boys! Wonderful!