Monday, March 9, 2009

Ten things for JG

We have made it to our Tenth Monthiversary of our dossier traveling across the sea to Ethiopia. It sits in an office somewhere in Addis Ababa, hopefully near the top of the stack...waiting... So, i was going to write a funny (or at least i thought so) Top 10 List of reasons why i BETTER get a referral this month...but i thought better of it when i realized i sounded like a selfish kid, believing that the world revolves around me. So, instead i decided to post 10 things i want JG to know...things I hope she can look back on to remember the time we were waiting for her.
Ten things I want you to know: (for our JG)
1. You were loved before we met you, before we saw your sweet face and there is nothing you can do that will make us love you less.
2. Yes, I have received children out of my natural body…and I love them with an astonishingly strong love. I have birthed you with no less tears, no less longing, and no less joy.
3. Adoption was not a second-choice for us. We had this purposed in our hearts from long ago…you, my dear, are the answer to a fourteen year old girl’s prayer.
4. I will say it again. You were not our second choice. You are the princess that your daddy slayed dragons and fought for.
5. Sometimes you will feel lonely and sad for your birth-family and land, and that is okay. We are happy to listen, cry with you, and dry your tears. Your sadness will not break you, and it will not break us either.
6. We will never give you up. We will never give you away. Never. Even if you beg us.
7. Your skin may not look like mine, or daddy’s, or your brothers’….it is the most perfect shade of brown! You were painted by an artist who is more brilliant than Monet. You are an impression of your Father’s glory.
8. Your mommy & daddy are not perfect. I eat anchovies on my pizza, and daddy’s feet stink. We do not expect you to be perfect either.
9. I pray that you will live a life full of joy, full of love, full of faith. Life may not go as you would have planned, but I hope that you can sing along to the melody of God’s song for you.
10. We want to see your face soon. We want to hold you close, gaze into your eyes, to smell your hair, to see you smile. We will wait patiently.


  1. So sweet! I hope you get the referral this month!!!

  2. I love that!!! Your day is coming so soon!!!! Can't wait to hear about your referral!


  3. Jamie, that is beautiful! How special for your baby girl to have one day!




  5. Jamie. That is so beautiful. I'm going to print it and put it on my wall. (Wait, do I have to ask first? So...umm...can I have it? [smiley face]) I'm rejoicing with you that you've seen your daughter. (Isn't the word "referral" such an impersonal way to talk about a living, breathing person? [smiley face]) May this next block of waiting pass quickly! God bless,
    Kathee (from YG)

  6. Oh Jaime, your #2 made me cry. You guys are so sweet and loving and I wish there were more people in the world like you. I really had no clue that one of my dearest childhood friends was a saint. Love you much.

  7. So sweet. We will pray for you.

  8. You should write a book. This is lovely. It make a me cry.