Friday, June 12, 2009

Coles are heading home!

Right about now the Coles, our adoption friends from Natchez, are checking in at the Addis airport to fly home with their son Alexander! We plan to meet them at the Baton Rouge airport tomorrow night @ 8 pm. I will try to post a picture after that. Our agency has let us know that they are still needing a few peices to come together before we can expect a successful court tuesday. Optimism is not flowing in our household and unfortunately, there is no epidural for the pains of adoption. I think that going to meet the Coles will be good for us, to remind us that there will be an end to this. One day it will be us getting off a small plane, covered in formula and who-knows-what-else with crazy hair and tired eyes, but filled with joy, holding our girl.

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  1. Jaime,
    Praying today for your friends and for your sweet angel girl to come home soon!