Monday, May 19, 2008

"Well, Pinch my cheeks and call me a monkey's uncle..."

".........This is ALOT of Legos!" This is a JP quote when opening up his birthday present from all the Leighows (LegoCity Police station). Yes, our JP is 6. I am starting to feel old, so it's time to break out my Justin (Timberlake) CD and dance.

His party was great, with friends from church, school and therepy. We enjoyed ice cream cones and Transformer cake. We wish you all could have been there!

The Lego police station, complete with jail cells w/ toilets and a break room for police officers w/coffee, has really got the boys asking lots of "why do bad guys not get privacy when they go to the bathroom?" Good question. So, we've had deep discussions about honoring God & mom & dad, a boy's duty to protect, and being a good guy...

In celebration of JP's birthday, I thought i'd share part of a note with you from JP's teacher, about our own "good guy": "JP is so delightful- his humor, mischievous smile and his willingness to share. He is so smart. You are wise to spend so much time teaching him. He is so respectful..."

Honor and duty aren't taught as much as they used to be. They are used more as ad slogans for military service than the duty of every boy, and future man. I thank God for my 2 future men, may they grow up to be modern-day knights, and may they always have privacy in the bathroom!

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  1. That is fabulous! I hope that the boys will always have "privacy in the bathroom" as well. I miss you guys so much. I miss hearing the boys antics evryday. Thank you for allowing us to be close to your hearts through this blog network. XOXOXO, Sarah Ruth