Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 Months Down...5 to go?

Hi friends! So, although I am about 13 months pregnant (since we started paperchasing for our adoption)...we still have at least 4 months, probobly 5, more to go. Of course, I am keeping myself busy with the boys, and all the hurricanes that insist on harassing us, as well as making sure that i am not giving into too many "pregnancy" cravings. The latest news from our program is that our trip will be shortened by about 1 day (good news for whoever is lucky enough to watch the boys while we are gone). We will also be staying at a guest house/bed & breakfast instead of the big Hilton. (Good news for us$$) That's about it here...


  1. Looking forward to meeting your little girl!

  2. Praying the time will go by so fast!! Can't wait to see your little princess in your arms!