Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who ya gonna thank...G-O-D!!!

Recently my oldest was promised a new Lego train station from one of his doting grandmothers. He waited by the front door, looking out the window, for it to be delivered..and waited...and waited. At church Sunday he pointed at the front steps of the stage which some would refer to as "the altar" during the prayer time at the end of the service. JP had never done this before, and pointed to the steps with such a sense of urgency like the way i look at a piece of cheesecake! So, the boys and i went to the steps to pray, while Dean, of course, was playing the guitar. JP said, "i want to pray that my package will come tomorrow!". We prayed for the swift delivery of the package, and i prayed a silent prayer that no sweet old lady would come down to pray with us and overhear our "urgent request"...we also prayed that God would help us to desire the things he desires. My heart is for Ethiopia this week. the sense of urgency on my heart is growing: to prepare, to bring her home, to give her a family. When JP got his package, he squealed with delight. His brother went rushing to his side and hugged him...they tore open the package. I asked JP who heard his prayer and, my TobyMac lovin' kid said-"G-O-D." I rejoice with friends who got the referral of their sweet girl today...and God hears my prayers as we look out the window waiting..hoping...dreaming of the day our sweet gift will be delivered home.

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  1. What a great story! I love the sweet innocence of your boys!