Friday, August 14, 2009

1 month home

We moved at week 3, and have been home a month now. JG has gained 2 lbs! Our pediatrician is pleased as punch with how she's doing. She wanted to wait until JG's 2 year old visit to see how speech is going then...she's saying a few words but her comprehension is improving. I've ordered her 2nd birthday outfit (i know you can't wait to see it in September)...and have taken the plunge with Carol's Daughter hair products, but we also like the Mixed Chicks leave on conditioner. I've ordered our stuff for home school and it should arrive in time for me to look it over for a few weeks before we start. our house is still not ready for school to start and we have a few more projects to complete before for now the kids are playing well together besides for a few bites, a few "JG, i simply won't tolerate you biting my legos", a few lice (yes, seriously, as if i didn't have enough to do), and a few DOZEN loads of laundry...that is my month in summary.


  1. One month down.. a lifetime to go, right???!! Glad to hear that you are moved over to your new abode and praying for those boxes to slowly but surely disappear! I hope your nose is healing up!!!!


  2. All that makes for great blogging! Glad you're doing well! You're great sense of humor and creativity lend well to the adventure of homeschooling, I'm sure.

  3. Has it really been 1 month?!! Stopped by and so glad to hear you guys are doing well and settled in your new home. We found out just over a week ago we are moving to Charlotte...leaving tomorrow so kiddos can start school on Mon. Always an adventure. Love to you all, Sara

  4. so are you guys homeschooling? I'll pray for no more lice- YUCK! Hope you are getting settled in! THinking of you guys!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! What a blessing, but I cannot imagine moving after being home for 3 weeks.

    Our Josie-Tatum is soon to be 7 years old, but, when we brought her home 5 years ago, she was indeed my constant companion. She never played in a room unless I was there. I sometimes miss those days. ;)

  6. Sounds like a lot to do but you can do it! Hate to hear about the lice but it could be something much worse! Glad to hear you all are doing well. =O)
    - Lea Freeny Browne