Sunday, November 23, 2008

Imaginary Friends and Pretend Cousins

Yes, i know this is our adoption blog...but i just had to post about T's many imaginary friends and cousins. First introduced to our family was Jake. Jake is a fun-loving imaginary friend of T's who is an "expert at trains" and has a Nana that feeds the boys all sorts of cupcakes, cookies and sweets. Jake also has a "intendo" and his Nana lets them play video games all day long. We've pretty much figured out that "Jake" is T's "Paris Hilton"/ spoiled kid with the "perfect" life. Second, last week T said, "Don't ya know" with a really Sarah Palin/Canadian-like accent. (T also does a great heavy Southern & British & French accent) When asked where he heard such a thing, he simply said, "from Fran". I can honestly say I cannot think of a single Fran, or where he even heard the i asked, "WHO???" He explained that Fran was his cousin. She is a girl. She is a squirrel. Yes. So not only does Christopher have an uncle (Matt) that is also his second cousin (my cousin who married DH's sister), he also has a cousin who is a Canadian squirrel. Third, today I learned about Frank. I foolishly thought he may be related to Fran (due to the similarity of their names), but again, i was wrong. Frank is a human pumpkin farmer, who apparently has fallen on bad times, because he has to go to Albertsons to buy his pumpkins. On a happy note he does play the banjo often, which T and Jake witnessed on their field trip. I am in awe of T's great story-telling ability, and JP enjoys it now too. He used to yell "LIAR" whenever Jake's name was mentioned, but now we have a wink system, which is accompanied with a very condescending, "that's nice, Nibbles" from big brother "Jerry".

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  1. Your kids crack me up! They are very imaginative and entertaining! Do they get that from their mother?!