Sunday, November 16, 2008

Louisiana Saturday Night

I can hear the Alabama song still in my head... We went to Tiger Stadium last night for the boys' 1st college football game (thanks Russells!). T drank 1 1/2 large hot chocolates and admired the tubas the whole time. JP soaked it all up--he loved doing all the cheers and chants, the marching band, and the hot chocolate (did I mention it was freezing?). He couldn't understand why the people kept booing their own team. LSU "fans" can be fickle. It just reminded me again how "other"(DH's word for different) God is from us. His love is an everlasting love. His love has purpose; it is not a whim. In church today we listened to how we were adopted as sons in Christ, according to God's good pleasure (Ephesians 1). It spoke to me because I know with what purpose, love, devotion, and steadfastness we pursue our little girl. I know that we have loved her before we have met her, seen her face, heard about her history. Just a smile on my face today, not just because LSU pulled out a victory in the 4th quarter, but because I know God has a particular love and purpose for me, and our ever-growing family.

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