Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving--City Mice travel to the Country

Howdy! We were so thrilled to be invited to the Kemp farm to celebrate Thanksgiving with LOTS of our church family! We took our Zyrtec & Claritin & rounded up the mice for lots of new Louisiana adventures. We ate tons of food, went on a hay ride that was kind of like Space Mountain (lots of dips and turns in darkness), climbed mountains of sand, had 4-wheeler rides, rode horses, learned to "rope", climbed trees, and bounced on a trampoline with NO net. Minus our sinus headaches today, there were no injuries. We had a wonderful time, and JP even begged us to spend the night...but Mommy loves her king-sized bed:( I am thankful this Thanksgiving that God's ways are higher than our ways...he leads us by still waters and restores our soul. I am thankful for how our family has been embraced by our new church family. I have enjoyed our life as a family of four, but i am VERY thankful that before next Thanksgiving we will be a party of 5!

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  1. Hi guys! LOVE your blog! We got your Christmas card today and so I had to check it out! So funny about Christophers imaginary crew... and so GREAT that your little girl is getting closer!!! we miss you guys!!! And we're so excited to have a way to keep up with you and the adoption journey. I'll send you the invite to our blog too... it's password protected so you have to get in through the email:) Thinking of you lots! love, Kristi