Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School and High Compliments

Well, thank goodness my new years resolution didn't have to last too long...the Bowmans and Luncefords received referrals for infant girls today! That makes us somewhere around #10 in the girl line for those of you keeping score. It has made our long wait seem shorter being busy with the house on the market and both boys home for the last few weeks. Today, of course, school started back after the long Christmas break. I interrupted a meeting of sorts this morning where John Peter bequeathed the remote control to T, complete with an explanation of the "mute" button, as if he were going off to war and not to a private school for Baton Rouge's finest. But, (file this under the "Just Bragging") last night I think i was paid the highest compliment of my life. We were tucking in the boys as usual and i gave JP his usual tight squeeze goodnight hug and he said, "i like your hugs, Mommy, they make me 'home'." I think I'm raising a poet.


  1. Yeah!! Glad you are getting closer! Can't wait until you are #1. Sweet story about your great hugs!

  2. Aren't those little compliments the sweetest thing about motherhood? It makes your eyes swell with tears of joy and you think, "Now this is what my purpose is."

    Does this mean you will be shaving your legs for Dean? :P

    Happy that you are moving up the list.

  3. Yep, the legs are shaved. I guess now i have to start the annual new years diet. yuck.

  4. Hey! Since I'm new to your blog thingie, could you tell me what this all is? As in, what is a dossier (sp?) and why do you have to wait so long, etc. I'm a little out of it!! We miss you and are praying for you guys!!

  5. So, how did the shave session go, Jaime! I laughed yesterday thinking of your hubby handing you the razor!!!