Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year, College, and Guts

Happy Chinese New Year, Y'all! On the long ride to church yesterday my boys were discussing why college is the worst "grade" to be in...the reasons given were "colorful". First, college is hard. Second, after college you have to get married. JP informed T that then a girl would want to kiss him all the time..."yuck!" T added to the story that then you had to go to the hospital, where they would sew your belly back together to keep your guts from hanging out. Dean and I were laughing in the front seats, figuring out that Topher was trying to explain the trials of childbirth. There are harder ways to get a baby. My adoption dream started sometime around age 14. I wanted to adopt from China. When the doors to China closed for us a few years ago I was crushed. But just like the little boy who one day says "yuck!" to a kiss from a girl will, in a few years,be introducing us to his future wife, we too, celebrate our change in direction. We are now #7 for a baby girl from Ethiopia...and #1 for a we continue to wait for the phone to ring (Area code 407) and feel like our guts are ripping out, but in a happy way!

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  1. so glad to hear you are getting closer!!!! Your boys are so funny! Love to hear the stories and get the updates!