Monday, April 20, 2009

3 more weeks!

3 weeks until we hear the verdict of our first court date (May 11). If we pass then we should be able to travel May 23-30. if not, then we get a new court date...and wait. I got an email from kim kulp (mountain view blog) with some pictures of our sweet girl (kim was in Ethiopia picking up her new son)...JG was wearing a purple (Geaux Tigers) shirt with the word "miracle" on it...just made me smile:) Here is what Kim said, "So, my thoughts of JG...she's SO STINKING SWEET we could barely stand it! I had to wake her up to take pictures of her, that's why she was a little groggy. She is shy but took my hand and toddled with me to the grass to sit and play. I gave her balloons, stickers, kisses and hugs and tried my best to get her to smile but she really didn't want to give a smile to me! I loved on her and changed her shirt, she looks so sweet in purple! Her hair is very soft and has sweet little curls. She loved the hair bow I made her as well. She's a girly girl! She is still learning to walk down stairs and over things and she has the sweetest little bow-legged toddle I've ever seen. Really, if we could have, we would have taken her home with us. She's a joy girl if I have ever seen one." Thanks Kim! Just thought i'd mention that i think she also looks a little like the macdonald women (Dean's mom's side of the family)...and she has dean's eyebrows. and she's shy like me. hahahahaha!

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