Wednesday, April 15, 2009

News from Ethiopia!

My YG friend, Kim (blog link is below right:Mountainview) is in Addis now picking up her Micah Moo and posted a special message just for me on her blog:
"LA Jaime- (JG) is shy and just learning to walk. She has the softest hair and the sweetest grin but I only saw a few and couldn't get them on camera. She waddled around holding my hand for the longest time. She loves to play with toys and is very quick to let anyone who gets near them know that they are invading her territory. If I could have, I would have taken her home with me!"
Woooohoooo! There are only 3 more Sundays until our court date (this is how i have counted during the adoption...for some reason it makes it seem shorter)...please pray that all the necessary documents will arrive when/where they are supposed to. About 30% of people with our agency do not pass the first time...although i have heard it is MUCH higher with some other agencies...let's hope we're in the 70% that do pass:)


  1. Jaime,
    This is soooo precious. What a special gift from Kim:)))
    We are so happy for your family.
    Praying you pass CD #1

  2. Jaime...that is so neat what Kim said about your little one!
    Hoping and praying you pass court the first time!