Monday, April 6, 2009

TTDs are here!

Well, we have recieved our tentative travel dates! If we pass court May 11th (about 30-40% do not pass their first try) then we will leave Louisiana May 22 or 23 and arrive home on the 30th! We are thinking of flying Emirates out of Houston into Dubai, and then into Addis. Leave a comment if you have done this before!! We may also fly out of DC, either on Ethiopia air or Emirates... We haven't gotten our price quotes yet so we are bracing ourselves! hehehe!


  1. Yeah! Those are our TTD's too! Hope we get to travel together!

    Julie Mullins

  2. Are you going with Susan Parr?? We are...we got our flight options last week. We are still trying to decide what to do!! Exciting but a big decision to make!


  3. My wife, daughter, and I flew Emirates Air in January 2009 to Ethiopia via Dubai. It was wonderful and well worth the $30 price difference between Ethiopia Air. Their customer service super-exceeds any airlines I have ever flown. The plane we flew was out of NY - WOW! The overnight in Dubai was great as well. It gave us a much needed rest and it was just wonderful. We would love to answer any future questions that you may have just let us know.