Friday, July 3, 2009

Houston to Dubai

We are about to board our long flight from houston to dubai. love to my boys!
Comments on the emirates flight:!!!! movies. food was good! things i would do differently: 1. they fed us dinner right away but we had already taken Ambien to try to adjust to Dubai time...whoops! 2. Always wear shoes to the bathroom. Enough said. 3. Make sure you have your earplugs for the plane OR tune into the CD that is "sleep music". i didn't figure this out until later. Overall, it was not nearly as bad as i thought it would be.


  1. Hey Jaime! Have a great flight!

    I told the boys that you guys are boarding your plane to Ethiopia! John Peter said, "That is so exciting! Now Jane Grace gets to come home!"

    Just thought you would like to know :)

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! I pray your journey is blessed beyond your imaginations.
    Anticipate the inconceivable!