Thursday, July 2, 2009

Packed and Ready!!!!!

So, it's been 23 months since we applied to America World to adopt. Wow, how time flies- NOT! We're not quite ready to leave our boys behind and not quite ready to board a plane for 2 1/2 days, but we are more than ready to bring JG home. I posted the following one day before we recieved our referral:
Ten things I want you to know: (for our JG)
1. You were loved before we met you, before we saw your sweet face and there is nothing you can do that will make us love you less.
2. Yes, I have received children out of my natural body…and I love them with an astonishingly strong love. I have birthed you with no less tears, no less longing, and no less joy.
3. Adoption was not a second-choice for us. We had this purposed in our hearts from long ago…you, my dear, are the answer to a fourteen year old girl’s prayer.
4. I will say it again. You were not our second choice. You are the princess that your daddy slayed dragons and fought for.
5. Sometimes you will feel lonely and sad for your birth-family and land, and that is okay. We are happy to listen, cry with you, and dry your tears. Your sadness will not break you, and it will not break us either.
6. We will never give you up. We will never give you away. Never. Even if you beg us.
7. Your skin may not look like mine, or daddy’s, or your brothers’….it is the most perfect shade of brown! You were painted by an artist who is more brilliant than Monet. You are an impression of your Father’s glory.
8. Your mommy & daddy are not perfect. I eat anchovies on my pizza, and daddy’s feet stink. We do not expect you to be perfect either.
9. I pray that you will live a life full of joy, full of love, full of faith. Life may not go as you would have planned, but I hope that you can sing along to the melody of God’s song for you.
10. We want to see your face soon. We want to hold you close, gaze into your eyes, to smell your hair, to see you smile. We will wait patiently.
Wow, these words seem ever-more real now. Bye bayou-I'm off to cooler weather!
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  1. Can't wait to see those pictures of you holding your sweet daughter! praying for you.

  2. Such beautiful, poignant and heart-felt words, Jaime. I have goosebumps and I share your feelings whole-heartedly! Have a safe and blessed trip! with love, Karen Wistrom

  3. This is the best blog I've ever read. I will be blogstalking you all week. We will hold you and your three children in our prayers. It's amazing.

  4. you are so cute and I am so excited for you!

  5. So excited for you!! You will love Addis! Can't wait to hear about your trip and see your pics. I will be praying for you and your boys at home!