Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our life in pictures

We have been a forever family for 2 weeks now. I have attached photos of Addis Ababa, the day we met JG, and a picture of my 3 wild kiddos together. I think JG is bonding well to us and although she has been sick a few times I am sure we are giving her immune system a workout! New/First things: She loves to eat meat now, and fruit. She has had beignets and jambalaya and LOVES them both. We are transitioning from formula to milk but we are taking it slowly b/c of tummy issues. She is my constant companion...CONSTANT. We are hoping that once we are in the new house and she becomes comfortable that she will feel safe enough to be happy and play without me in her constant sight/hand's reach. Table manners have been a battle and we have just started to go to battle with sleep issues for the sake of mommy's sanity and back. She has stopped crying for her nannies when she is angry and now cries for "daddy-AHHHHHHH!" Did i mention our girl has a Queen-of-Sheba-sized temper? Tarin says that she thinks she could easily be my biological child:) JG definitely recognizes and answers her name now, can throw something in the trash, loves to clean up her toys and organize them in a very type-A way, loves to smooch Topher, loves chase and looking in the mirror, trying on clothes and shoes, oh, and she likes coffee. She is understanding English better and better, but still loves to sing/babble in Amheric (although truth be told, she could be reciting some kind of political treatise or classic poetry for all i know).


  1. She is soooo cute!! It's funny...I think she looks like your oldest son! So glad you are home with her and doing great!


  2. Too precious.....she sounds like any other typical little girl! Wish we could get together and play!! 8-)

  3. She is too cute!!!!! Glad you are home safe and many things will take time to work out! But they will!!

  4. Love it. Eli sings too. Speaks very good Chinese so I'm told. Certain gestures however are understood in both languages...especially naughty ones!

  5. I am so happy for y'all! I know there is so much going on all at once for y'all! One day soon, I want to get to meet her! Thinking about and praying for you all!


  6. It sounds like life is going great for you all. So glad to hear it. I haev been thinking of you. I love the photos of Jane-Grace with her older brothers. O is she ever loved! =O) Happy for you and Dean and for the rest of your family. =O)

  7. Okay-- I agree with Julie-- she DOES look like a Delfosse!!! And... we need to have a phone chat sometime to compare notes-- our girls may be biological siblings-- or wait... is that just "girl" behavior?? How would either of us know???? RiSa LOVES clothes-- dresses esp.; she also screams for Daddy when she is in trouble with me; temper from you-know-where... but honestly a TON better and shorter lived than 3 weeks ago :)... hmmm... what else?? LOVES to be my little shadow, too.

    Take care, Friend and don't be a stranger!

  8. So fun to see pictures of your family. Especially your new little fashonista:). I too think she looks like the boys! We love hearing what she likes and things she does. I'll be praying for the sleep battle- that's always so tough on us mamas!
    Keep us updated:)
    the walkers