Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Monthiversary on the Waiting List!

It has been one month since our precious paperwork flew across the pond to Ethiopia.  Being wild and crazy as DH and I are, we celebrated by eating takeout from PoBoy express, opening up the windows to enjoy the nice fall Louisiana weather, filling out adoption grant applications, and then having intense allergy attacks resulting in sinus infections.
While I'm feeling reminiscent (maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the paper-pregnancy hormones, maybe it's the homeschool mom's dry erase markers)'s where we were a long time ago, on our DTE One Monthiversary waiting for know back when we only went through three boxes of cereal in a week, and I could still pick up middle child without making a strange grunting sound.


  1. Love seeing your beautiful kiddos. I though just the other day that's it's going to kill me when I see you guys with your little one at home and we're still waiting. Sorry, I know that's terrible and selfish. I will excited right along with you, maybe even bringing home baby not too long after! You are an inspiration!

  2. happy monthiversary! you'll be getting a referral before you know it (sarah- i know just how you feel. i feel selfish about thoughts like that too, but i still think that way)

  3. Yay! One month closer! May god be holding you in the waiting! :)