Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Embassy Monday

We breakfasted early & learned that G5 loves papaya juice. We left right away for our Embassy appointment. It was very organized and efficient, and we got to learn more about the kids' background from the findings of interviews/investigation that is performed by the Embassy in order to verify our children's former orphan status. Though our kids have endured a lot of pain and trauma, there is a beautiful story of protection and rescue. We are very thankful. Today G5 had a hard time seeing the nannies again, and I really wish we did not have to take them back for the doctor's and psychologist's visits. We found out that G5 had actually been very sick upon admittance to the TH, and they were unsure she would survive. They reviewed the strategies they had used to bring her back to health, and ended with "we fed her, and she got better, so we kept feeding her!" It made me laugh, seeing how plump and happy she is now. We had lunch at Lucy's, and while the waitress encouraged us to order chicken tenders for the kids, they mainly ended up eating our curry chicken, rice, and injera with red sauce. We had the best macchiatos. We purchased formula with money from our kids' Bible club at church, and delivered them to Kids' Care orphanage. After a long nap, we enjoyed dinner at Habesha with our awesome travel group and guide, where the kids gobbled up traditional food, and J4 danced like a pro! Seriously, he became semi-famous...everyone was clapping and he was eating it up.

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