Monday, June 25, 2012

Embassy Trip Sunday

Curses to you, rooster! Awake at 5 a.m. Seriously, if you are making this trip, beg your doctor for prescription sleep pills. Today we attended church at International Evangelical Church in Addis Ababa with children that had been in our family permanently for 24 hours. I sit with a 4, 8, & 10 year old every Sunday in service, while my husband leads for 1/2 the service. I can remember how it was to train those 3 children to sit in service that respected my authority, knew I loved them, could understand English (encouragement, reminders, bribes, threats, etc) I was very nervous. It was a WONDERFUL experience. We sang Mighty to Save and Your Grace is Enough (oh, yeah, I pretty much ugly cried as these songs helped me through much of the waiting period) & learned some new songs (one of which we now sing at our little church in Louisiana). The kids were nervous in the large crowd and clung to us (that's good), but remained mostly quiet through the preaching (with the help of animal crackers). When we dropped off the court-trip families at the Transition Home (they were visiting their children since the kids can't leave the TH until Embassy trip) J4 & G5 did not want to stay at the Transition Home and clung to us again. That really was a relief to us, and made us happy that they were bonding to us, and already preferring us to nannies and friends. Another repeat adoptive family mentioned that they have never seen another toddler or preschool kid adjust as fast as our two have, seeming so calm and settled. Every encouraging moment like this reminded us of those who were praying for us and our children. What an important ministry prayer is!
We went to Metro Pizza for lunch and Kaldi's for coffee. Yummy! J4 ate the whipped cream off of my drink, so we decided he is both brilliant and discerning:) After naps we played Angry Birds, chilled out to Shai Linne, & watched Sesame Street. We ate leftovers in our room to prepare for an early morning Embassy appointment.
Observations from today: G5 loves Elmo and hates cats. She is very proud of her hairbows and whenever she gets dressed she makes sure everyone in the room notices how pretty she looks. J4 is an Angry Birds master! I can tell he has been allowed to play on American visitors phones and he is familiar with gummy vitamins and gobbles them up! Kids both like pancakes, dry cereal, pineapple juice, spicy foods/meats, loaded pizza (Hello Rotolo's Sweep the Floor pizza!!).
Edited 6 months later: Yes to the prescription pills, but towards the end of the trip I took Nyquil and that did really help.

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