Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sarah's Laugh Echoes

In five more nights, our case will be heard in Ethiopia. I've been thinking ALOT lately about Abraham and Sarah. It is an amazing thing, after all this time, to be standing on the shore of faith, looking at the sand...and trusting that one grain stands for our sweet girl. What was it like for Sarah, and old woman, to feel a baby moving around inside of her, or to feel the beginning of labor pains? I can hear her laugh echo in my mind. A laugh of faith mingled with doubt, at the irony of LIFE coming from her almost dead body. But, also in that laugh, i hear hope. I am laughing today. Not unusual for me. Laughing with joy that i stand so close to the fulfillment of a dream....laughing that even though i doubt the stars in the sky and sands on the shore conspire together to preach to me, "HOPE"! 5 more nights...please pray and hope with us.


  1. Praying along with you Jaime!


  2. You're sooooo close!!! I can't wait to see that sweet girl's update photos!!!

  3. Happy Mom's Day Jaime!! I thought the song was adorable too:))) Soooo true..its why we're always pooped out by the end of the day. Check out my contest for moms...I bet u have a GREAT funny story, my LA friend!!